Unlock the full potential of your artistic endeavors with the D’Artisan Shoppe Minute Series XII paint brush set. This collection of 12 meticulously crafted brushes is designed to bring out every detail in your creative projects.


Comprehensive set: The set comprises 12 essential brushes so you have the right tool for any artistic task.
Portable convenience: Equipped with a convenient holder, these brushes are easily transportable, allowing you to create wherever inspiration strikes.
Precision in detail: Tailored for painting scale models, the micro brushes excel in delivering the fine details required for intricate work.
Ergonomic design: They boast triangular handles that minimize hand fatigue and enhance your painting experience.
Durability and quality: Incorporating a double crimp construction, these brushes will last without shedding. The handles have a 7-layer UV finish.


It stands out as a versatile and durable choice for artists and hobbyists alike.