Transform your coffee hour with the Weber Workshops The BIRD non-bypass coffee brewer. It allows piston-driven vacuum extractions in a glass device. This innovative coffee maker is a new platform for baristas and enthusiasts to explore.


Craftsmanship: Meticulously crafted using top-tier materials like borosilicate glass, 316 stainless steel, solid brass, and anodized aluminum, this no-bypass coffee maker stands the test of time.

Enhanced Brewing: Combining no-bypass brewing with user-controlled vacuum pressure, you get more versatile brewing styles. From quick extractions to overnight cold brews, you create a range of coffee drinks.

Paper Filter Dock: What’s more, your purchase includes a year’s supply of eco-friendly Abaca paper filters and a solid aluminum dock for countertop storage.

Innovative Pull Mechanism: The Claw facilitates optimal brewing by agitating, lifting the pod, and drying the tripod after cleaning.


Experiment with your coffee using this innovative new brewer.