Take your outdoor cooking game up to the next level when you go for the Qstoves ElectriQ next-gen electric pizza oven. Designed for those who want to have more exciting gatherings, it’s sure to be a hit.


Triple-layer technology: Ensure the oven gets hot and stays that way.
High-speed heating: It has the ability to reach up to 1,000ºF (500ºC) super quickly and easily. So it can cook a pie in no time.
Compact size: Designed to fit on any standard kitchen countertop, it’s ideal for even the coziest of cooking spaces.
Individual adjustments: You can easily adjust the wattage and temperature of the upper and lower heating elements individually. Use the control panel or remote to do so as you bake different foods.


Overall, this countertop pizza oven gives pizza aficionados and culinary enthusiasts a new way to spice up their cooking routine.