Add vintage flair to your recordings with the Hologram Electronics Chroma Console. It’s a versatile multi-effect pedal that combines retro audio with fresh, cutting-edge sounds.


Modular and Customizable: Divided into 4 distinct sections—Character, Movement, Diffusion, and Texture—the Chroma Console offers a wide array of effects, with 5 options in each category. In total, you get an impressive 20 effects.

Adaptable Input Calibration: The pedal’s inputs accommodate both instrument and line-level sources, ensuring seamless integration into various setups.

Performance-Centric Design: Reflecting Hologram’s commitment to performance-oriented gear, the Chroma Console is equipped with features like Gesture, letting users record knob movements. Additionally, the Capture function allows for audio sustain or looping.
Connectivity and Sync Options: What’s more, you get MIDI in, out, and through clock synchronization. Additionally, tap tempo syncs time-based effects and modulation effects.


This multi-effect pedal has the potential to unleash new creative possibilities!