Enhance your home audio with the Audio Pro A10 MKII portable multiroom speaker. It connects to Apple AirPlay 2 and other popular streaming apps.


Multiroom Marvel: The A10 MKII supports multiroom connectivity. Connect across spaces, play in unison, or set each room’s mood separately. It plays nice with AirPlay2, Google Cast, and Audio Pro Multiroom.

Mount It Anywhere: Whether it’s your walls or ceiling, this portable speaker is ready to be mounted wherever you want to create your soundscape. It also works as a tabletop speaker.

Instant Access Presets: Click, hold, and save your go-to playlists or radio stations for swift access.

Timeless Scandinavian Design: Soft fabric, compact footprint—the A10 MkII nails that timeless Scandi vibe.

Serious Sound, Modest Size: With a dedicated woofer and Balanced Mode Radiator (BMR) tech, this AirPlay 2 speaker delivers detailed sound across every frequency.


Enjoy great sound in every room with this portable multiroom speaker!