Elevate your workstation with the RayCue 128K Pro retro multifunctional dock. It’s styled like the original Mac and has 14 ports.


A Nostalgic design: Get ready for a blend of fun and practicality! The RayCue 128K is an Apple Macintosh lookalike packed with modern features.

14-in-1 Docking marvel: This isn’t just a dock—it’s a powerhouse! The RayCue 128K Pro boasts 14 docking ports and a Bluetooth speaker. Plus, its display can showcase the time, your favorite photos, or any image you love!

7-in-1 Keyboard hub: This accessory is a portable 7-in-1 hub, giving you even more capabilities.

DisplayLink MST for Multi-Display Magic: Then, the DisplayLink MST lets you connect 3 external displays for exceptional multitasking.

130 Watt fast charging: Moreover, with 130W fast charging, you can power your iPhone at 30 watts and your MacBook at 100 watts.


Keep your desk fun and practical with the RayCue 128K.