Enjoy spending time in front of your computer with the BenQ ScreenBar Plus monitor lightbar. This gadget provides adequate brightness along with other handy features.


The desktop dial: Make lighting adjustments easily. The mechanical buttons give you tactile feedback and intuitive operation. Change the color temperature, brightness, and more.

Eye Care: The balanced illumination causes no reflections on the screen. Moreover, the lamp is certified flicker-free and has no blue-light hazard.

Smart Dimming technology: Meanwhile, this feature senses the ambient light and adjusts to it automatically.

Wide illumination: What’s more, this lamp illuminates a wider field on your desk.

Asymmetrical optical design: Also, with its unique asymmetrical optical design, this lamp eliminates screen reflection and glare.

Space-saving build: Finally, this monitor lamp clamps conveniently to your computer. With no standing base, it saves valuable desk space.


Make your workspace more comfortable with this gadget.