Make floor planning, and other everyday tasks, a breeze when you have the HOZO M-Cube modular laser measure. Boasting a whopping 17 functions, it truly impresses.


Durable build: Weighing just 80 grams, it consists of 4 durable modules that customize to adapt. The magnetic locking design lets you switch modules and accessories with ease.
Smart planner: Make planning your layout like a game, capturing any angle and any structure. That’s thanks to its 8 direction, 360º functionality.
Bilateral Laser+: With advanced auto calibration, it delivers an accurate, efficient 328-foot bilateral laser with ±⅛” precision. plus, the M-Green Line is brighter than traditional red laser lines!
Scale Roller: Measure curves and lines on any surface and minimize human error. It has a red cross line that compensates for a brighter view even in bad lighting conditions.


This incredible versatile system meets so many needs.