Meet the REDI The Roadie. This modern first-aid kit is compact and organized for your on-the-go lifestyle. It boasts 113 essentials!


113 Scenario-specific essentials: The Roadie’s contents include everyday items, first-aid essentials, and useful tools.

Preparedness simplified: No more frantic last-minute dashes or inconvenient store runs! The Roadie is your ultimate ‘everything bag’. It ensures you’re equipped for pretty much everything.

Organized for ease: Unfolding like a book, the Roadie reveals clearly labeled pouches with contents and quantities.

Replenishment made simple: What’s more, the color-coded pouches with content lists and quantities, plus a QR code for quick restocking, make keeping this car first aid kit stocked a breeze.

Secure storage options: The Roadie offers 3 mounting options, ensuring it stays attached and neatly stored in your car.


Stay safe out there with this on-the-move first aid kit.