Keep drinks fresh with the Square Keg SquareOne mini keg. Whether you love craft beer or like to batch cocktails for a party, this gadget ensures your beverages stay fresh.


Preserve Freshness Anytime, Anywhere: The SquareOne lets you add CO2 or Nitrogen to your drink. This preserves freshness.

Portable and Versatile Design: This tap system is super portable. It lets you take your favorite drinks to parties, picnics, tailgates, and more.

Your Choice on Tap: Fill the SquareOne with up to 128 oz of various beverages. This includes craft beer, batched cocktails, mocktails, or red and white wines.

Tailored Tap Options: This beer keg for home use offers versatile tap choices to enhance your drinking pleasure, including a Beer Faucet, a Party Tap, a Nitro Tap, and a Wine Faucet.


The Square Keg SquareOne Mini Keg offers a portable, adaptable, and tailored solution for keeping your favorite beverages fresh!