Add unlimited expression to your music with the ROLI Seaboard BLOCK M. This MIDI keyboard. It’s compact, powerful, and plays nearly any sound.


Musical freedom: Express yourself in infinite ways with the BLOCK M. The 5D technology lets you play intuitively on a tactile surface.

Responsive playing surface: Moreover, with its MIDI polyphonic expression, this playing surface is super responsive.

Improve your playing experience: Play with lifelike expression at your fingertips. The 5D technology gives you the tools to create nearly any sound.

ROLI Studio: Meanwhile, the ROLI Studio is an all-in-one production suite. It offers a range of sounds, dynamic production tools, and inspirational capabilities that elevate your music.

Durable, versatile design: What’s more, this premium gadget has a durable, portable design. It also works with your preferred DAW and synth.


Creativity is limitless with this compact keyboard.