Enhancing human interaction during video calls, Center Cam’s V2.0 next-gen middle-screen webcam demonstrates technical performance in line with name-brand competitors.


– The 20% reduced size takes up less screen real estate.
– It has better audio quality thanks to an improved mono-microphone.
– The improved auto-lighting settings create a natural-looking output in a variety of conditions.
– Its gyroscope natively recognizes vertical so you can use it in top-down or bottom-up orientation.
– The fixed-focus lens eliminates unintended lens adjustments during product handling.
– Its HFOV of 72° is narrower than most webcams so it won’t make you appear to be the most magnified participant in the video call.
– It has a 1080p HD or 720p @ 30 fps resolution.
– The indicator light lets you know you’re transmitting.


The adjustable V2.0 webcam’s user-friendly functionality works with various operating systems. It’s available in both white and black models.