Meet the U-tec ULTRALOQ Bolt Matter Fingerprint Edition Wi-Fi deadbolt. It offers a comprehensive unlocking experience and top-notch security.


Unified Smart Home Connectivity: Compatible with leading smart home platforms like Google Home, Samsung SmartThings, Apple Home, and Amazon Alexa, the ULTRALOQ Bolt Fingerprint Matter connects your home for enhanced security and convenience.

Cutting-Edge Matter Integration: Built on Matter over Thread technology, this smart lock ensures smooth integration with various smart home devices. It future-proofs your home for evolving tech.

Versatile Unlocking Options: Experience security and flexibility with 6 unlocking methods. These include fingerprint recognition, passcodes, mobile app access, and backup keys.

Long-Lasting Battery Life: With support for 8 alkaline cells, this smart lock boasts an extended battery life of up to a year, minimizing the need for frequent battery replacements, catering to today’s dynamic and connected lifestyles.


Elevate your home security with this smart deadbolt!