Check out the Shelly H&T Gen3 smart sensor. It’s powered by a cutting-edge Shelly chip with 8MB memory, doubling efficiency and responsiveness.


Precise Climate Monitoring: This smart sensor accurately tracks temperature and humidity, vital for a healthy home environment.

Effortless Smart Home Integration: No hubs needed! This gadget is compatible with Matter.

Enhanced Battery Life and Connectivity: Enjoy up to 1 year of battery life, connect to your Wi-Fi network, and access an embedded web server.

Customized Automation for Every Space: Create a nurturing nursery environment by monitoring temperature and humidity.

Efficient Heating Solutions: Connect your heater to a Shelly Plug and link it with the Shelly H&T Gen3 for a scene that activates the heater.

Intelligent Humidity Management: Integrate the sensor with Shelly Plus 1 wired to your bathroom fan. The fan activates automatically, reducing moisture levels in high humidity.


Enjoy a hassle-free, comfortable home environment tailored to your routine!