Add Star Wars fun to the holidays with the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar. This set includes collectible characters, accessories, and mini build toys.


8 Collectible characters: With characters like Emperor Palpatine, a pit droid, an ewok, and Princess Leia, your kids can play Star Wars–inspired holiday games.

10 Mini-build vehicles: Then, this LEGO holiday set also comes with 10 mini build vehicles. These include The Justifier, a turbo tank, The Mandalorian’s N-1 Starfighter, and more.

5 Additional mini-builds: What’s more, you get 5 more mini-builds—the Clone Command Center, an Endor bunker, an Ewok village, an Endor shield protector, and the emperor’s throne.

Excellent gift for ages 6+: Moreover, this 320-piece Star Wars Advent Calendar is ideal for ages 6+. Also, it’s a kit both adults and kids can work on together. Then, your kids can recreate classic scenes and engage in roleplay.


Start a fun holiday tradition with this Star Wars Advent calendar.