Put anything on the turntable for the ASCAND for LEGO 3D scanner. Then, enjoy colorful, detailed, customizable multilayer LEGO build plans.


Multilayer LEGO build plans: This powerful scanner captures intricate details and dimensions, converting them into a multi-layered LEGO build plan. Whether it’s your favorite mug, a treasured figurine, or even a unique trinket, the ASCAND for LEGO turns everyday items into customizable LEGO creations.
60-second video: Simply record a 60-second video of the object placed on the Turn Table using your iOS or Android phone. Then, upload it to your ASCAND user account. Pick a size and a brick set and enjoy the Build Plan for your LEGOs arriving in your Inbox.


It’s ideal for everyone from casual builders to devoted LEGO fans. The possibilities are endless with this groundbreaking 3D scanner for LEGO.