Experience the next level of recovery with the Air Relax Classic AR-2.0 leg recovery system. Designed for peak performance and long-lasting reliability, this compression boots system reduces muscle fatigue and delivers pain relief.


Provides relief: In fact, it removes excess fluid, reduces swelling, increases circulation, improves sleep patterns, and more.
Premium comfort: Additionally, its superior comfort and enhanced performance provides a truly relaxing experience.
Durable construction: Furthermore, premium fabric and long-lasting parts ensure dependable performance for years to come.
Digitally controlled operation cycle: Moreover, predefined modes deliver optimal therapy, and the user-friendly interface provides quick access to all features.
3 modes: Mode A, Peristaltic, targets chambers sequentially, releasing pressure for effective therapy. Mode B, Sequential, provides cyclical uniform therapy, promoting circulation. Mode C, Full Cycle, offers sustained pressure across all chambers.


Overall, combining advanced technology, durability, and comfort, it helps you elevate your sports performance and recovery.