Smooth away fine lines and dark spots with the Therabody TheraFace Mask. This LED skincare gadget delivers red and blue light therapy along with stress-relieving vibration therapy.


Supercharge your skincare with LED: Skincare products treat the surface of your skin. This high-tech beauty gadget goes deeper.
Red light and red light+ infrared therapies: The red light therapy encourages collagen production for a fresher completion. Then, the red + infrared therapy goes deeper, boosting circulation for an even skin tone.
Blue light therapy: What’s more, the blue light therapy feature combats acne-causing bacteria and prevents it from growing.
Vibration therapy: Meanwhile, the vibration therapy feature helps ease facial tension and improve circulation around the eyes, scalp, and browline.
Reduction in signs of aging: Finally, this mask can improve the look of wrinkles, boost elasticity, and smooth fine lines.


Overall, this beauty gadget can give you healthier-looking skin in just 9 minutes a day!