Managing tasks and communication efficiently is paramount. The Luxafor Bluetooth PRO wireless USB LED do-not-disturb light optimizes productivity and streamlines communication.


Instant status display: Utilize red and green indicators to convey availability instantly.
Multi-platform accessibility: Manage statuses from your desktop, laptop, and mobile phone.
Task optimization: Enhance focus and control over work processes for heightened productivity.
Call management: Connect directly to your phone to display on-call status.
Tailored notifications: Sync with various platforms like Facebook, Messenger, Slack, and more.
Extensive compatibility: Seamlessly integrate with Zapier for a range of productivity services.
Customizable functionality: Tailor the device to your specific needs using pre-built functions or API development.
Easy integration: It offers installation and operation on Windows, Mac, and Android systems.


The Luxafor Bluetooth PRO empowers users to customize their workflow management, fostering a more productive and organized work environment.