Complement your hybrid work with the Opal Tadpole. This laptop and tablet webcam has a tiny footprint while delivering high-quality images.


Professional-grade video: This laptop webcam boasts improved image quality. It has a larger 4K, 48MP Sony IMX582 sensor with an f1.8 6-element glass lens.

AI-powered microphone: Also, the Tadpole brings unprecedented audio quality to laptop and tablet webcams. It features a directional mic with AI noise isolation.

Seamless portability: Compact and lightweight, the Tadpole is a mere 1.2″ squared. Its clip design attaches to any laptop display, offering plug-and-play convenience.

Tap to mute: A capacitive touch sensor integrated into the USB-C plug enables instant muting and unmuting of the microphone with a single tap, providing an elegant solution to the “you’re on mute” scenario, without the need for physical buttons.


Use this tablet webcam with both Mac and PC!