Enter the Couchmaster CYCON² lap desk for gaming, a game-changer with its remarkable features.


Seamless connectivity: Boasting 6 USB 3.0 ports, this lap desk allows you to effortlessly connect all your essential gaming peripherals.
Redesigned cable management: Enjoy a clutter-free gaming setup with the cable management system, ensuring accessibility and organization.
Convenient power port: Keep your devices charged and ready with the built-in, strategically placed power port.
Powerful PC connection: It’s equipped with a specially designed cable that connects to your PC, delivering additional power through the included supply unit.
Ultimate comfort: Experience gaming nirvana with compact and sleek cushions crafted from high-quality memory foam and a suede-like noble cover.


It redefines the gaming-from-the-couch experience, combining convenience, connectivity, and comfort for an unparalleled gaming adventure. Game in style and comfort with this revolutionary lap desk.