Enjoy a cutting-edge input device designed for creators and innovators: the Clicks Creator Keyboard Founders Edition iPhone keyboard. Packed with features that enhance productivity and creativity, this keyboard is a game-changer.


Unibody build: The keyboard’s snug fit creates a natural extension of your iPhone, enhancing the overall user experience.
Precision tuning: Achieve fast and accurate typing with meticulously tuned buttons for the ideal click, resistance, and feedback.
Familiar layout: Its keys for voice input, commands, tab, and more ensure a comprehensive and intuitive typing experience.
Backlighting: Illuminate your typing in low-light conditions with the toggleable keyboard backlight, enhancing visibility at night or in the dark.
Pass-through charging: Seamlessly connect to your iPhone 14 Pro with Lightning or iPhone 15 Plus with USB-C, allowing pass-through charging for uninterrupted productivity.


Embrace convenience with wireless charging support, eliminating the hassle of cables and keeping you powered up effortlessly.