Meet the Nomad Charge Mount iPhone charger for vehicles! It offers hassle-free iPhone charging on the go thanks to its powerful magnets.


On-the-Move Power for Your iPhone: This gadget ensures a steady 7.5W charge for your iPhone, even on the most challenging terrains. It powers other wireless devices at 15W.

All-Terrain Charging: Navigate rough roads with confidence. The Charge Mount’s robust magnets guarantee a secure attachment for your iPhone. Snap your device into place for convenient viewing and reliable charging.

Sleek and Sturdy: Elevate your vehicle’s interior with the Charge Mount’s sleek design. It uses high-quality polycarbonate for durability, while the glossy glass panel adds a touch of sophistication.

Flexible Positioning: The Charge Mount’s ball-and-socket attachment joint facilitates easy repositioning of the mount and your iPhone.


Stay connected without sacrificing safety when you have this wireless iPhone charger for vehicles.