Update how you store and present homemade condiments with the Crucial Detail Porthole infusion vessel.


Beautiful Presentation: This kitchen accessory creates a striking display for cocktails, teas, oils, dressings, coffee, and more while allowing the creations to infuse.
Capacity and Materials: One Porthole holds 390 ml of liquid. And it’s made of precision ground and tempered low-iron glass, food-grade Delrin, food-grade silicone, and stainless steel.
Included Components: Furthermore, you’ll receive 3 stainless steel filter screens. You’ll also receive 1 flexible silicone cap to seal the liquids. This allows you to infuse liquids for a long time and enhance the flavors. Finally, you’ll receive a set of thumbscrews for an alternative assembly method.


Overall, the Porthole infusion vessel creates beautiful displays while you store your liquids, and it’s a great way to impress guests.