Meet the Wyze Cam Pan v3. With IP65 water-resistance, this indoor-outdoor security camera patrols your surroundings in any weather, ensuring your peace of mind.


Intelligent Motion Tracking: Let the Pan v3 actively detect, track, and record motion. Its upgraded motor works stealthily, ensuring it won’t disturb napping babies or startle pets.

Expanded View: The Pan v3 boasts a 360° pan and 180° tilt, offering a comprehensive view of your space. Plus, with double the tilt coverage, it can look straight up and down.

Privacy Mode for Relaxation: What’s more, you can activate Privacy Mode via the Wyze app. Watch as the Pan v3 gracefully spins and points 180° straight down, effectively turning off and eliminating its field of view.

Indoor/Outdoor Use: With an IP65 rating, confidently install it indoors or outdoors.

Color Night Vision: Record vivid, full-color video in low-light environments.


Monitor your property, indoors and out, with the WYZE Cam Pan v3!