Redefining luxury and efficiency through its innovative design, the Kosmos Chair heated seat is an award-winning marvel. The chair makes you feel like you’re sitting in a hot tub without getting wet!


Color variety: The surface color is an elegant Graphite, and the frame color options include Stromboli, Brass, and Matte Black.
Ergonomic shape: Crafted from lightweight and durable reinforced concrete, it has an ergonomic build.
Sleek design: The elegant seam tracing the chair’s profile adds to its aesthetic appeal.
Insulated build: Simply plug it in—indoors or outdoors—and turn it on. It’s a perfect companion for lounges.
Temperature control: It operates within the range of 80°F to 120°F, warming up in approximately 20 minutes.


With intuitive temperature control, integrated drainage, and hassle-free plug-in readiness, it’s a game-changer in outdoor furniture.