Redefine your home coffee experience with the Subminimal NanoFoamer handheld milk frother. It boasts advanced technology and a modern design.


Precision engineering: Featuring an innovative foaming mechanism, the NanoFoamer V2 creates café-caliber microfoam. Whether it’s for cappuccinos, lattes, or matcha lattes, this device delivers premium foam.

Versatile and convenient: Compatible with dairy milk and tailored for milk alternatives, the NanoFoamer caters to your preferences. Plus, cleaning is hassle-free.

3 Convenient models: Choose the V2 battery-powered, V2 Lithium (rechargeable), or Lithium Special Edition models.

Craft latte art: Meanwhile, the NanoFoamer’s microfoam is ideal for latte art. Subminimal even offers a latte art masterclass with every purchase.


Say goodbye to ordinary foam with the NanoFoamer. It’s the way to indulge in coffee at home.