Carry your luxury suits in style with the Arterton Signature Garment Bag. It supplies bags to over 70% of the tailor shops on Savile Row in Mayfair, London.


A design fit for luxury: Arterton supplies hangers and garment bags to most of the tailors on Savile Row.
Reinforced gussets: These men’s garment bags protect your fine clothing thanks to their reinforced gussets.
Fits 3 hangers: What’s more, the Arterton Signature garment bag has 3 sewn buttonholes that fit up to 3 hangers. They close naturally when not in use, preventing dust from entering the bag.
Water resistant: Meanwhile, each bag features double-waxed cotton. It ensures that water can’t pass through but still allows aeration.
– Travel-ready design: Additionally, this luxury garment bag was made for travel with its foldable design.
Dual-zip opening: This feature ensures the bag is easy to open.


Protect your garments and travel with them easily.