Enjoy tasty ice-cold snacks in an instant with the ColdSnap frozen treat machine!


4 Easy steps: This cool machine works in 4 simple steps. First, insert the single-serving pod into the ice cream machine. Then, within a maximum of two minutes, you’ll have a bowl of ice cream in the palm of your hand.

ColdSnap Pods: This rapid freezing appliance works with shelf-stable, room-temperature ColdSnap pods, freezing and dispensing their contents almost instantly.

No prep work required: You don’t have to do any prep, and you don’t have to clean anything up. This frozen treat machine makes ice cream, frozen yogurt, frozen coffees, frozen smoothies, frozen shakes, frozen cocktails, and slushies.


The confections have a smooth mouthfeel and velvety texture—you’ll love the silky consistencies!