Unleash the thrills with the Cyrusher Ripple electric snowboard. It’s a snowboard with a 3,000W hub motor for an incredible mountain experience.


High-Speed Mastery: Let the Ripple’s high-speed 3,000W motor propel you at up to 50km/h. You can conquer snow-covered trails with unparalleled power and velocity.
Precise Handling: Navigate confidently with the V1 controller’s advanced features. They include high-voltage-tolerant MOSFETs and advanced heat control. They provide precise control and responsiveness.
Rugged Endurance: Face the elements boldly with the Ripple’s full metal enclosure, flame-retardant design, and IPX6 waterproof rating. They guarantee durability and safety even in extreme weather conditions.
Adaptive Suspension: Experience enhanced maneuverability and stability on varying terrains thanks to the suspension. It allows for smooth rides across diverse snowscapes.


Elevate your mountain trips with this electric-powered snowboard!