Rely on renewable and natural materials to clean the air in your home or office with the Briiv Pro 2.0. This eco-friendly air purifier creates clean, safe air.


Natural Filtration:  Briiv Pro 2.0 uses renewable and natural materials to filter indoor air. Its unique, 3-stage filter integrates moss and coconut micro-structures that are compostable at home. A ‘HEPA-like’ filter is plastic free, purifying air naturally.

Eco-Friendly Innovation: With AI-powered sensors, Briiv Pro 2.0 effectively monitors air quality. In just 21 minutes, it cleans a 4x4m² area and can connect to additional units for larger spaces.

Automatic Purification: Utilizing Canary mode, Briiv Pro automatically detects poor air quality and initiates cleaning cycles as needed. Moreover, Zone mode allows seamless control of multiple Briiv units.

Comprehensive Monitoring: The Briiv app offers real-time filter health tracking and alerts, ensuring optimal performance. Additionally,  the purifier accommodates essential oils.


Ensure safe, clean air with this sustainable air purifier.