Charge 2 essential devices simultaneously with the Oakywood Dual Dock charging station. It’s a sleek solution that saves desk space.


Effortless Charging: This station powers both your iPhone and AirPods simultaneously.

Streamlined Design: Crafted with micro-suction technology, the Dual Dock stays firmly on your desk, offering one-handed control for easy device access.

Inclusive Charging: The station’s flexible backrests accommodate both iPhones and AirPods in their protective cases.

Cable Convenience: Included in the set are 2x 150 cm USB-A lightning cables, offering ample length and flexibility to plug into various charging sources.

Precision in Design: Oakywood’s innovative wood shaping technology showcases natural wood grains and a compact geometric design.

Certified Connectivity: Employing MFI-certified cables, this station ensures secure and proper charging for your devices.


Get convenient, stylish charging with this wood charger for Apple devices.