Make lawn care effortless with the Aiper Horizon U1 cordless robotic mower. It cuts all grass types and boasts app control.


Wireless Boundary Setting: Easily set yard boundaries via the Aiper App without complicated wiring. The Horizon U1 uses onboard GPS tech for centimeter-level precision and pairs with Aiper’s Signal Relay Station for expansive coverage.

Adaptive Precision Mowing: Experience industry-leading adaptive blade technology that adjusts to various grass types and terrain, ensuring a flawless, envy-worthy lawn. Intelligent Path Planning delivers end-to-end coverage.

Obstacle Avoidance & Safety: Equipped with Aiper Vision Technology, the U1 navigates around yard obstacles, ensuring safety for users and pets. Its sensors and AI algorithm detect and avoid common yard objects.

Optimized User Experience: The autonomous battery monitor optimizes yard maintenance, enabling auto-recharging at 10% battery for uninterrupted mowing.


Have the best lawn in the neighborhood, effortlessly, with the Horizon U1!