Bring a minimalist touch to your vinyl listening with the Jorge Paez RYTM contemporary record player. This gadget has sleek aesthetics, elevating any room.


Harmonious Design: The RYTM harmoniously blends art and audio into a contemporary design.

Modern elements: Meanwhile, a unique vertical slat arrangement seamlessly incorporates user control. The tonearm, speed selector, and power dial are there but blend into the overall design.

Classic inspiration: What’s more, this minimalist record player gets its inspiration from the 1957 Braun Sk4/1 turntable. It’s currently in New York’s Museum of Modern Art.

Minimalist style: You won’t find a more streamlined record player than the RYTM. It boasts straight lines and no embellishments. Even the logo is without flair.


Take your style and audio to the next level with this artistic record player.