Get ready for an exciting journey with the EscapeWelt Blackbeard’s Compass puzzle box. Inspired by Captain Blackbeard, this puzzle box features riddles and unique mechanics.


Dive into Pirate Lore: Explore the tales of the notorious pirate Blackbeard! As you solve each riddle, you’ll uncover secrets from his adventures.

Solve Riddles for Adventure Pieces: Each solved riddle reveals a part of the puzzle, getting you closer to the Queen Anne’s Revenge. From knots resembling the ship’s rigging to a treasure map marking Blackbeard’s loot spots, each piece adds to the mystery.

Group fun: Meanwhile, this game is ideal for up to 4 players so that the whole family or a group of friends can play.

Eco-friendly design: Crafted from eco-friendly natural birch wood, this sustainable game is handcrafted with care for an authentic experience.


Immerse yourself in the world of Blackbeard with this escape puzzle game.