Keep your clothing free of lint and piling with the Steamery Pilo 1 compact fabric shaver. It boasts a powerful motor and even works on upholstery.


Effortless Fabric Care: This powerful fabric shaver employs 3 precision-made razor blades coupled with an exceptionally robust motor.

Revitalized Wardrobe: Bid farewell to lint-covered garments! The Pilo 1 Fabric Shaver guarantees lint-free and presentable clothes. It also works on sofas, cushions, armrests, and blankets.

Portable Elegance: Whether you’re heading for a weekend getaway or a business trip, the Pilo 1 is compact and easily portable.

Versatile Fabric Care: From delicate cashmere and merino to sturdy alpaca, the Pilo 1 fabric shaver ensures gentle care across various fabrics.


Treat your most delicate materials with the care they deserve with the Steamery Pilo 1!