Say goodbye to messy clothing when you go for the DAWODY Science Fashion clothing collection. Boasting a truly innovative design, this apparel series offers features unlike any other.


Anti-fast-fashion: While the clothing industry is a large polluter, this collection uses smart textiles that meet international safety standards for you and the environment.
High-quality materials: Searching the globe for top-notch materials and partners, DAWODY ensured that the materials perform and feel great.
Stays clean: Because the material resists stains and sweat, the shirts and pants are easy to wear all day long. Plus, they even wick moisture and reduce odors!
Comfortable: With a breathable and dynamically stretchable design, the shirts and pants resist wrinkles as well.


Have you ever worn white pants or a white shirt that you weren’t worried about spilling red wine on? Now you can say you have!