Enhance your workspace with the CHERRY GENTIX BT. It’s a chic mouse with multi-device Bluetooth technology.


Adaptable Connectivity: The CHERRY GENTIX BT chic mouse merges the GENTIX mouse’s reliability with Bluetooth functionality. It effortlessly connects to PCs, laptops, tablets & more.

Effortless Device Switching: Switch between up to 3 devices by pressing the Bluetooth button under the mouse.

DPI Button: This feature offers 2 resolution options (1000 / 2000 dpi), satisfying various user needs. The illuminated scroll wheel visually communicates resolution levels and battery status.

Style and Customization: Available in a palette of modern colors, this stylish mouse adds color to your desk. CHERRY KEYS software enhances customization, allowing you to assign functions to the thumb keys.


This modern mouse is an ideal companion for versatile, on-the-go productivity.