Upgrade your digital experience using the Logitech G POWERPLAY wireless charging mouse pad. Compatible with the POWERPLAY Mouse, the entire surface of this mouse pad is a wireless charger.


A mouse pad that wirelessly charges: The magic of this device is the proprietary technology. Unlike Qi systems or similar, this incredible technology allows the charging area to span the entire surface. So, as you move and use your mouse, it automatically charges.
A gaming revolution: With integrated POWERPLAY and LIGHTSPEED technology, this gadget ensures lag, wireless drops, and dead batteries are a thing of the past.
Endless play: Meanwhile, this wireless mouse pad ensures endless play. It keeps your compatible Logitech G mouse charged at all times.
Game-powered RGB: What’s more, the G logo boasts RGB lighting. The color responds to in-game action in a range of titles.


Free yourself from cables with this mouse pad!