Prepare for emergencies during road trips and adventures with the REDI Roadie Pro + car safety kit. It has a useful organizational system.


Robust Essentials: Hand-picked by experts, this kit comprises 250 first-aid items.

Immediate Access: It has easy-to-open double throw-latches and a clear PVC lid compartment with trauma supplies. Every pouch is labeled with full content lists.

Durability at Its Core: Built to endure, the Roadie Pro + is 100% waterproof, crushproof, and shockproof. Its automatic pressure equalization valve maintains interior balance and keeps water out.

Adaptable Design: With multiple car attachment options and a secure fit, this kit offers versatile placement within your vehicle.

Efficient Organization: A compartmentalized layout and labeling system reduces search time.

User-Centric Experience: What’s more, the kit comes with training for each item. So, you have what you ned for any situation.


Stay safe and have fun during your adventures with this car safety kit.