Designed by a passionate team of engineers, the LUMIONIX KOMET camera trigger will enhance your photography experience.


High-speed and timelapse mastery: It’s ideal for capturing fast-moving subjects and mastering the intricacies of timelapse photography.
Advanced sensor technology: It offers precision in capturing the perfect moment, allowing for adjustment of the threshold limit for ideal shots.
Universal compatibility: It mounts onto the camera’s hot shoe, employing a USB port for versatile use across various camera models.
Intuitive control: Access features through an on-board touchscreen app or a mobile application.
AI machine-learning integration: It recognizes visually similar images with EXIF suggestion and is capable of scaling and enhancing images. This invites contributors to build a vast dataset.


It resolves the hassle of multiple devices by incorporating features such as a built-in ND calculator, convenient content backup, and professional-grade app access for iOS and Android.