Make traveling more convenient than before with the Twelve South AirFly Pro Transmitter. Plug this wireless transmitter into the seat-back display to use your wireless headphones


Wireless in-flight entertainment: With this travel gadget, you don’t have to use airline-supplied headphones. It establishes a wireless connection with your headphones via a headphone jack.

Great for gym workouts: Plug the AirFly Pro into the treadmill or elliptical, put on your Bluetooth-enabled headphones, and start breaking a sweat.

Connect up to 2 pairs of headphones: What’s more, the headphone adapter can connect to up to 2 pairs of headphones.

16-hour battery life: Thanks to its 16-hour battery life, the AirFly Pro will last as long as your travel takes.

Deluxe option: Take your travel entertainment up another notch with the International Airline Adapter in a suede bag.


Enjoy a first-class audio experience on planes.