Keep the noise out of meetings with the Poly Sync 20 USB/Bluetooth smart speakerphone. You and your remote participants sound great with the high-performance speaker.


Crystal-Clear Audio: Keep your conversations focused and clear. The multi-microphones hone in on voices, not background noise. A high-performance speaker enhances the sound quality.

Versatile Portability: Take this smart USB speakerphone anywhere and everywhere! With up to 20 hours use on a full charge, you’re ready for meetings, music, and more. Plus, it doubles as a smartphone charger via USB.

Seamless Compatibility: This Bluetooth speaker syncs with the most popular voice platforms.

Works with convenience: Then, a programmable button grants immediate access to your chosen function. Additionally,  you can stay informed about call status even from a distance, thanks to the light bar indicator.


Take your calls to the next level with the Poly Sync 20!