Crafted with a commitment to quality, sustainability, and functionality, the Grassracks Rackcycle bike wall mount stands as a pinnacle of bike storage solutions.


Strength and design: Utilizing the strength of bamboo and a proprietary Mounting Bar System, the Rackcycle offers robust support. Its stylish triangular design has multiple points of contact.
Utility hooks: Each cradle features a convenient shelf and a utility hook for storing additional gear, making it a comprehensive storage solution.
Bamboo elegance and eco-friendliness: The sleek design seamlessly integrates into any home while elevating bike storage. The Rackcycle contributes positively by harnessing the plant’s rapid growth and carbon-sequestering abilities, finished with an eco-friendly whey-protein-based coating.


Not just a bike rack, it’s a testament to innovation, functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability. It sets a new standard in the market, representing a conscientious and superior choice for cyclists worldwide.