Ensure a clean bum after a trip to the toilet with the Tushy Classic 3.0 bidet attachment. This gadget offers water pressure control and keeps your toilet clean.


Enhanced Cleaning: Featuring the patented Self Cleaning SmartSpray nozzle, this gadget rinses before and after each use. This ensures a thorough cleanse.
Effortless Installation: Install it in 8 ½ minutes or less on most standard toilets. Its universal fit accommodates nearly any toilet.
Controlled Water Pressure: Enjoy the new water pressure control. It offers from a gentle to a strong stream of clean water.
Precise Cleaning: The new Precision nozzle adjuster gives you the control to clean with a targeted stream, whether for your bum or front.
Elegant and Antimicrobial: Designed with a naturally antimicrobial bamboo or brass knob, the Tushy Classic 3.0 exudes a modern, luxury aesthetic.
Schmutz Shield: This patented feature cleanses your toilet, keeping it poop free.


Elevate your bathroom with this modern bidet!