Improve your drinking-from-a-can experience with the Draft Top LIFT. This beverage opener removes the lid from your beer or soda can.


Lid Removal: The Draft Top LIFT effortlessly grabs and eliminates the lid from cans, serving as a beer or soda can opener.

Enhanced Design: Meanwhile, the spring-loaded handles ensure easy opening.

Versatile Functionality: What’s more, this can top remover works with domestic, imported, and craft beers; various sodas, energy drinks, canned wine and cocktails; and more.

Safety Focus: Best of all, it opens cans cleanly, leaving smooth edges for a safe drinking experience.

Portability: Compact and portable, this beverage can opener goes anywhere. It’s perfect for parties, camping, travel, or work. It lets you share the full flavor of canned beverages with friends and family.


Enjoy your drink with the Draft Top LIFT!