Elevate your interior with the Lexon x Jean-Michel Basquiat artistic home collection. It fuses aesthetics into daily life.


Mina M LED Lamp: This medium-sized portable LED lamp showcases Basquiat’s iconic work and has 9 simple-color LEDs. Activated by a push, it features a dimmer. It’s also resistant to water (IPX4) and boasts a battery life of up to 24 hours.

Flip+ Alarm Clock: A reversible alarm clock adorned with Basquiat’s artistry, this radio-controlled clock features ON/OFF faces, an LCD display, a snooze function, and a touch sensor light.

Mino+ Speaker: What’s more, this mini Bluetooth® speaker pairs with TWS technology. It also features a hands-free microphone and a selfie remote, delivering Bluetooth® 4.2 connectivity up to 10 meters.

Gift Sets: Then, the gift sets include the above gadgets in 4 different Basquiat styles.


Bring art to your everyday life with this Jean-Michel Basquiat collection.