Give cleanliness a whole new meaning in your home when you add the Jimmy BX7 Pro anti-mite vacuum cleaner to your cleaning arsenal. Effectively removing invisible dust, mites, and allergens embedded in fabrics, it can also kill bacteria and mites.


Patented composite roller brush: The composite brush roll has a patented soft rubber strip and a soft hair strip. They tap the surface with powerful vibrations. It won’t harm your mattresses, beds, sofas, upholstery, and other similar surfaces.
UV light: With UV light and ultrasonic technology, it can remove 99% of allergens and protect your family’s skin health.
Smart dust recognition: DustSensor technology automatically calculates the dust on your bed, and the LED lights display the results. A red light means your bed is dirty, and a green light means it’s clean.


It’s ideal for year-round allergy sufferers, families with children and pets, and health-conscious people.