Stop switching up your bottle for every situation and instead go for the Berry Bottles all-occasion bottle. Designed as the end-all, be-all bottle, it offers 10 modules that work together to create more than 30 combinations.


Insulated construction: The double-walled vacuum insulation keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold.
Modular design: Made to adapt to your lifestyle, it’s there for you on a hike, a run, or a trip to the office. In fact, the entire system includes 10 modules that create 30+ bottle combinations.
Infusion capabilities: Offering a Separator and Infuser ring, it lets you compartmentalize liquids and solids. You can even infuse drinks with tea, herbs, and fruit!
Fresh tasting: Made from food-grade BPA-free stainless steel, it’s easy to clean. Plus, it doesn’t absorb flavors or odors.


Say hello to incredible versatility and convenience!