Break free from space and noise constraints with the PocketDrum II Plus. It lets you drum anywhere, anytime!

When I think about a drummer friend I once had, his passion and talent were always confined by the limitations of his space. He was a born drummer, yet plagued by the confines of a small apartment room and neighbors’ complaints. The traditional drum set was impossible due to space and noise issues, which became his biggest pain points. That’s where this air drum set comes in.

PocketDrum II Plus informational video

Drum without drums using the PocketDrum II Plus air drum set

Add drumbeats to your daily life without worrying about limited space. Traditional drum kits take up a lot of space and are expensive, deterring many people interested in drumming.

However, the PocketDrum II Plus launched by AeroBand subverts the tradition and brings you a completely different drumming experience. Whether you have limited living space, are a student or apartment dweller living in a noise-sensitive environment, or are interested in learning to play but with limited access, this lightweight air drum set is the ideal solution.

It is equipped with drumsticks, a bass drum pedal, a hi-hat pedal, and an adapter, which are light and convenient. The drumsticks weigh only 62 grams and can be carried anywhere.

Compared to expensive and space-consuming traditional drum kits, the PocketDrum II Plus is not only powerful but also suited to modern lifestyles. Whether at home, outdoors, or on the go, music is with you, playing your melodies anytime and anywhere.

Elevate your drumming experience with technology

PocketDrum II Plus takes drumming to a whole new level with its highly realistic experience and nuanced, emotive sound quality. Elevating this experience is its built-in vibration feedback module, allowing you to feel the lifelike response as you virtually drum away, immersing yourself in the rhythm as if performing live on stage.

Delivering an impressive 128 levels of force sensitivity, this air drum set adjusts sound dynamics based on your striking force, creating softer tones with gentle taps and unleashing powerful sounds with stronger hits. This feature, sought after by experienced musicians, sets PocketDrum II Plus apart from toy instruments and standard electronic drums, albeit at a higher cost.

Compared to the first generation PocketDrum with a 60 ms latency, the all-new PocketDrum II Plus boasts an advanced technology that reduces latency to below 20 ms, effectively eliminating perceived delays. Previous products often suffered from spatial displacement errors, a problem ingeniously solved in the new generation through an innovative 9-axis inertial navigation chip.

Stand out with PocketDrum II Plus’s MIDI capabilities

It supports both wireless and wired connections (adapter sold separately).

Connect effortlessly to this electric air drum

Get app assistance for effortless drumming

People playing PocketDrum II Plus

For beginners stepping into the world of drumming, PocketDrum II Plus has an invaluable companion—an intuitive app that acts as an excellent guide. Particularly appealing to novice drummers for its gamified challenges, the app caters to their needs, making drumming remarkably manageable.

Here are the 3 primary functions of the app.

These functionalities bring drumming within easy reach, offering an engaging, interactive learning experience, especially for those embarking on their musical journey.

Experience Aeroband’s Christmas sale

A person unwrapping the Aeroband Guitar II Plus

As Aeroband continues to pursue its vision, the brand invites you to seize this opportunity! Join Aeroband during its Christmas event, from December 1 to December 25, and explore the Aeroband Lineup. The PocketDrum II Plus is now priced at just $159, down from its original $199.

Additionally, the Aeroband Guitar II Plus, originally $599, is now available for only $459. Embrace the freedom of music and redefine your journey in drumming and guitar playing. Let this moment be where music finds boundless expression at your fingertips!

AeroBand’s vision is to democratize music-making, redefining musical instruments through technology. The company strives to empower everyone, regardless of their background or expertise, to engage with music in a new way. AeroBand aims to break down barriers, making musical expression accessible and enjoyable for all.

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